Long Island Chiropractor- Launching New Plan Packages for Those Who Do Not have Health Insurance

Chiropractic care is a vital part of both preventative care and pain management. While medication provides pain relief, it cannot fix the source of the pain. Chiropractic services have proven long term health benefits

The goal of Long Island chiropractic is to reduce pain and help you become healthier, more active and feel better.  While Syosset Chiropractic group accepts most health insurance plans, there are many patients who either do not have health insurance or their health insurance plan does not cover chiropractic care. In 2019 we are launching a new set of packages to help those who are paying out of pocket for chiropractic care.

The Launch Of Latest Plan Package:

Can you get a chiropractic help if you don’t have health insurance and will it be very costly for you?  This is a common question that comes into the mind of a patient who has suffered from an injury lately. The recent launch of the chiropractic care plan package has got you covered. Convenient and affordable custom packages are available by request.

Long Island Chiropractic care has always believed in giving value to every patient and providing the flexible and affordable budget plan to everyone.

If you are new to our office your first visit is only $50. This session includes a chiropractic assessment, adjustment and custom treatment plan. After your first visit we offer discounted package rates for both 5 session and 10 session bundles. At your first visit to our Syosset chiropractic center you will have a health evaluation where the doctor will inquire about your previous medical history and current condition.

Your one-on-one session is the ideal way for our professionals to get to know you and compose a pain management and health plan catered to your individual needs.

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