Long Island Chiropractor – Favorite Fall activities On Long Island

Hiking in cold spring harbor, bike trails in Syosset Stillwell park, Bethpage state park bike trails, baseball fields, play grounds, staying healthy and active in the fail, all long island.

The interesting activities and fun trips are important to give us a break from monotonous routine of life, refresh our body and soul and stay healthy and active. It is necessary to put a halt to the tough busy life routines and start a journey to fun holiday spot at least once or twice a year. If you have planned to visit to Long Island, New York in Fall, you will not only enjoy the pleasant and comfortable weather, stunning and lush natural scenery but an opportunity to do many fun activities. While your stay in Long Island during Fall season, you can enjoy hiking in cold spring harbor, apple picking, adventure at historic sites, fun bike trails, and many more. Here we enlist all the fun-filled activities while your stay at Long Island in Fall.

Cold Spring Harbor:

Cold Spring Harbor State Park is covering more than 40 acres full of awesome views of world of nature, natural vegetation trees, and animals. Some of the trails are very challenging with steep hilly areas. They are open for only experienced hikers and there are many simple trails too, where you can take your dog with you too. It’s a very scenic and amazing hiking trail with an abundance of natural beauty surrounding it. Fall hiking, especially, when the leaves are falling, and the colors are scattered far and wide you may find it hard to resist hiking if your legs can take you.

Bike Trail in Syosset Stillwell Park:

Nothing can be as an exciting and healthy as a biking in the middle of beauteous hills, with colors of fall surrounding you. The great thing is that most of the Stillwell bike trails are not very tough, so you can focus more on enjoying the scenic beauty around you while biking. There are many tricky and steep trails too where you can have a memorable adventure ride.

Bethpage State Park Bike Trails:

Located at Nassau and scattered at 12.5 miles, Bethpage bikeway is one of the most famous biking trails of Long Island. It’s in fact a very well kept and well-maintained bike trail that crosses some main roadways too, but it is also well marked for facilitating the bikers.

Baseball Fields:

The baseball fields are another great attraction at Long Island where you can not only enjoy watching but also playing the baseball sport.

All of these great outdoor activities are important to quality of life, mind, body and soul. Staying active keeps us physically and mentally healthy. Our chiropractic office located in Syosset, NY is here to help support your journey to a healthier, happier you. Contact Dr. Steven Schneider D.C. , P.C. 516-364-3382