Long Island Chiropractor – How to Get Rehabilitation After Knee Surgery?

The physical health is very important in leading an active and happy life. Due to chronic knee pain or severe knee arthritis, many patients must go through knee arthroplasty which is the only way to provide the permanent pain relief and improve the function of knees. Chiropractic care can provide the fastest recovery process to  patients who have gone through total knee replacement or knee surgery.

Surgery Treatments for Knee:

Chronic knee pain or knee injuries can be treated through knee surgery. There are various kinds of knee surgeries according to the condition of the patient, such as arthroscopy, meniscus repair, lateral release, Plica Excision and meniscus transplant. There are several Long Island surgeons that do amazing knee replacements, as well as manhattan’s hospital for special surgeries.

Chiropractor Care for Rehabilitation After Knee Surgery:

Rehabilitation after knee surgery means a lot in getting you back to your routine life.  A knee surgery can lead to discomfort, stiffness in muscles and many other problems but you can speed up the recovery process by visiting Syosset Chiropractic for help. An expert chiropractor takes care of every knee surgery patient differently according to the condition and the treatment that he received.

At Long Island Mutli-Doctor Group, we take every knee surgery case individually and suggest customized exercises and chiropractic treatments to   improve every knee tissue and speed up the healing process.

Pre Operative Rehabilitation:

The Pre Operative Rehabilitation plays a vital role in preparing the patient both physically and mentally for the knee surgery. The major goal of this kind of rehabilitation is to reduce the excessive swelling around the knee joint and gradual yet constant improvement in functional strength of the injured limb. It also prepares the patient for the post operative rehabilitation plan to get the fastest recovery from the knee surgery and make him or her back to routine active life again.

Post Operative Rehabilitation:

The post operative rehabilitation plan is started soon after the knee surgery and the major goal is to reduce the swelling, reduce stiffness of muscles and restore full range of motion of the knee within first two weeks of the surgery. Once the swelling is reduced and range of motion is restored, the next part of the post operative rehabilitation is to introduce and start simple exercises as suggested by the chiropractor. The expert chiropractor recommends the customized exercises and chiropractic treatment plan according to the condition of the patient, history and biological progression of healing. The goal of the chiropractor is to improve the healing process and make the patient return to the practical life without any risks of complications.