Tips and Tricks for Avoiding Injury during Gardening- Long Island Chiropractor 

Gardening is a great fun physical activity and it’s so rewarding to view your efforts in the form of green and fresh grass, flowers and beautiful plants. Gardening is a very healthy activity but there are many safety measures that you must keep in view while working in the garden to avoid any injury. You must be aware of certain safety precautions before stepping out with the gardening tools to protect yourself from serious injuries. You must know the following precautions to avoid any discomfort, pain or injury during gardening.

  • Wear Gardening Gloves:

While working in the lawn you must wear the gardening gloves which are manufactured for this purpose. They are thick, flexible and comfortable enough to make it easier for you to move your hands while protecting them from allergies, blistering or cuts. During gardening, your hands will be exposed to chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungus, bacteria and various infections in the soil. The gloves are the proper protection of your hands especially from thorny plants, insect bites or other dangerous objects in the soil.

  • Not to Stay in one Position too Long:

During gardening you may have to sit in one position for longer time or do the prolonged repetitive motion that can harm your muscles and can cause injury. Digging, trimming, raking, pruning buses or planting bulbs for a longer period can be dangerous for your muscular health. Make sure that you switch tasks and rest after 15 to 20 min in between.

  • Use proper Tools instead of Your Hands:

You might find it convenient to do it with your hands, but it can result into pain and injury. You must get the gardening tools kit before starting the work and use gardening shovel or rake for digging instead of using your hands. The sharp objects in the soil can cause cuts and bruises to your hands.

  • Use a knee pad

While bending and sitting with your knees to the ground you can get knee injury, so it’s best that you use the knee pad while gardening.

  • Making sure to stretch

Sitting in the same position for a longer time period can be harmful for you so you must make sure to stretch and relax before you start the next task.

  • Use the Right Tools for Gardening:

You can avoid injuries if you use proper tools for their specific purpose. You can use grabber claw to extend your reach and see instructions for all the tools before using them.

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