Long Island Chiropractor – Workers Compensation and Work Accidents

An accident or injury at the workplace is very tormenting for the victim and his/her family. In case of serious injuries, the extensive treatment is required which takes a lot of time for full recovery and much time off from the job, so it puts one’s life as well career at stake. The workers who face accident or injury at the workplace must consult the doctor immediately for the detailed check up and full medical treatment. Usually, the injuries take much time for a full recovery; therefore, the sufferers must consult a chiropractor along with the regular medications for the fastest relief from pain speeding up the healing process.

The Need for Chiropractic Treatment for Work-Related Accidents

The workplace accidents are devastating for the sufferers; physically, emotionally and financially. The first thing to do immediately after the accident is to seek the medical help. Even if your injuries do not appear to be serious, you must go to the doctor for the proper check up and detailed examination. The recovery process can be slow, but a chiropractor can help in reducing the pain; correcting the misaligned joints and bringing patients back to routine life as early as possible. Long Island chiropractor experts accept worker’s compensation insurance in this matter and provide the best care and wellness plan to the sufferer of the accident at workplace. If you have been injured at work or due to a work related incident do not hesitate to file for workers compensation.

Workers Compensation Insurance at Syosset Chiropractic

Workers who have suffered from an injury at the workplace can file a claim for worker’s compensation benefits by reporting the accident immediately. The unnecessary delay in filing the claim can get the compensation denied. If you delay reporting your injury, your employer’s insurance company may show doubts at the authenticity of your claim. Some work injuries appear to be ordinary to you but by the passage of time, they become worse. Therefore, you must consult a doctor and chiropractor immediately to gain your healthy life back and avail the worker’s compensation insurance too. Long Island Chiropractor Services accept the worker’s compensation insurance.

Treatment Plan

Our major aim is to get you out of pain, provide fast healing and ensure proper communication with your employer to receive your right to important medical coverage. Here is our treatment plan:


We examine your injuries in detail to facilitate the healing process and assist you expertly in the process of insurance claim submission and get your medical coverage. We have a network of attorneys we can refer you to, to further assist in your workers compensation claim.


We do our best to make you healthy and fit again to get back to your job while recovering your right to workers compensation insurance. We will set up a plan for recovering with recurring and frequent visits to your local chiropractic and rehabilitation specialist.