In the medical term, the Tennis Elbow is called lateral epicondylitis, and it’s a common injury which is not necessarily diagnosed to the tennis players only. It is a kind of injury that causes pain on the outer part of the arm at the point of the elbow. This injury heals up with certain treatments, rest and time.

What is Tennis Elbow?

The Tennis elbow is basically an injury of the forearm muscles at the outer part of the elbow where the tendons become damaged due to overuse or some other reason. This can happen due to the inflammation or irritation at the point where the tendons attach the muscles to the bones at the outer elbow joints. This results in an injury and constant pain at the outside part of the elbow.

How You Get the Tennis Elbow?

Despite its name, the athletes or tennis players are not the only people who can develop tennis elbow problem. The general cause f this problem is the constant or overuse of the elbow. It means that if your elbow was overloaded with strain or you have done the repetitive motion of the wrist and arm you can develop the tennis elbow problem. Other common causes of tennis elbow are following:

    Drawing or Painting

    Use of Plumbing Tools for the longer period of time

    Use of Driving Tools and Screws

    Cutting and Cooking

How to Heal from Tennis Elbow?

Usually, the detailed examination by the physician and the history of the physician determines if the symptoms are actually tennis elbow or not. Sometimes the x-ray will also be required to confirm the real issue. Usually, the tennis elbow cures with proper rest and self-care measures such as exercises, pain relievers, and cold pack but in severe cases, the physician may recommend the physical therapy or some other treatments as well.

The physical therapist can decide the exercises which are required to cure the tennis elbow issue and if needed you can be recommended for the other treatments such as injections, ultrasonic tenotomy and surgery.

How can the Chiropractor Help in Fast Recovery from Tennis Elbow?

The chiropractor provides most effective and powerful treatment plan for the tennis elbow inflammation and pain. There are many latest techniques which the chiropractors utilize to get the fast and lasting relief from the pain such as pin and stretch cross-friction techniques, instrument assisted soft tissue techniques, rehabilitative exercises, lasers, acupuncture and much more which are proving more fruitful than typical anti-inflammatory drugs or steroid injections.