The Thanksgiving Holidays are just a few days away and it’s the time of celebration, festivity, family and friends’ reunion and relishing the delicious meals. Apart from all the fun and excitement that is connected to the long holidays, you must keep in view the things about your health and well being. There are hundreds of holidaymakers who suffer from either chronic or unexpected back injuries or backaches because of the lack of awareness about how to keep themselves safe and sound while preparing for the celebrations. The activities like the detailed shopping for the arrangement of the Thanksgiving feast, home cleaning, and décor, preparation and cooking of huge turkey and side dishes and long traveling can cause acute back injuries or trigger the excess backaches. Here are some safety tips to prevent the uncomfortable health issues to arise.

Be Careful while Cooking and Serving

Thanksgiving is all about the mouthwatering dishes along with the delicious turkey being served by the host but the long-standing by the stove and kitchen sink, arranging the dinner tables, and picking up and serving the heavy dishes can trigger the backache, especially if you already have chronic back pain or sciatica. The people who have a history of back pain and back injury can even have flared up pain after doing these apparently trivial chores. You must visit your chiropractor before the holidays do get a personalized advice about your safety precautions. Here are some general safety tips to follow during the hectic kitchen routine.

Wear comfortable and supportive shoes to ease your legs and back as you will have to stand and work for a longer period of time without any rest.
Take short breaks while working in the kitchen. If you are aware that long-standing will harm your back and will trigger the severe pain you must be seated after a while of working and plan to start the work early so that you may get enough time for short breaks.
Be careful while picking up heavy baked turkey tray and other dishes, there is no harm in taking help of your family members in this matter instead of suffering from the long pain sessions after the happy holidays. After all, everyone will be full of gratitude and love for your efforts.

Chronic Back Pain and Cleaning

It would be unavoidable for you to spend hours in cleaning, rearranging and decorating your house to give it a pure festive look but this is very task for those who already suffer from backache. The tedious house chores like picking up heavy furniture and relocating it for clearing the space, arranging dinner tables and cleaning yard or garden can make your back injured and ache afterward. Be aware of general safety rules while cleaning the house for Thanksgiving.

Avoid too much twisting, reaching and lifting heavy things; seek help instead of facing backaches later.
While lifting, use your legs and bend at the knees instead of the waist.
Take short rest while working the tedious tasks.
Visit your chiropractor before doing heavy work and seek proper advice.